12 Tips for Potty Training Success

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Hi, I’m Andrea, Marketing Director for Luca and Company and potty training novice. I have a little man who has decided he will be one of those stubborn toddlers to go the diaper distance. As I embark on this new journey I have been given all kinds of potty training tips and advice  (solicited and unsolicited), but the one piece of advice that seems like a common theme is “when he’s ready, it will just click”. What is the best potty training advice you have received? What products did you use that made life easier for all involved?

Below we have collected some of our favorite bits of advice, each one may not work for you but I feel as though potty training tips are a buffet, you find what you like and go with that and hope it works.  And if you have a boy, don’t forget the sneeze guard, i.e. some disinfecting wipes.

1. First and foremost, ensure that your child is physically and emotionally ready for this big step.  

2. Go to the store and let them pick out some undies with their favorite characters.

3. Around the time your child is ready to begin training, have them dress in loose fitting clothing that can easily be put on or taken off.

4. Practice naked (diaper-free) time. The more time a child spends out of diapers, the more likely s/he is to recognize the urge to eliminate and seek out a potty.

5. Help your child learn by example from older siblings or a parent of the same gender.

6. Use a floor potty. Children feel more secure on a floor potty, and are more likely to be successful. Plus, it’s portable and can be accessible to encourage independence.

7. Make toilet training a fun experience! For boys, place O-shaped cereal in the toilet and have him aim for them. Another fun way to encourage toilet training is to color the toilet water blue and have your little one watch it turn green when mixed with urine.

8. Encourage pride of mastery. The feeling your child gets when they learn something new is the best motivation for continued success. Say “You did it” instead of “I’m so proud of you”. When your child says “I did it!” You’re on your way!

9. Always use positive and encouraging words to describe anything associated with toilets, bowel functions and the toilet training process.

10. Be consistent. Children learn better when the message they get about the potty is consistent. Each person helping your child to use the potty should be doing the same thing.

11. Teach girls to always wipe from front to back.

12. Above all, be patient! With plenty of time, encouragement and positive feedback, your little one will soon be ready to say goodbye to diapers forever!

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