4 Ways to Keep Kids Creative


I’m guessing I’m not the only mom who’s known the pressure of prying new and creative into the already exhausting routine of her toddler.  In an effort to keep my young son’s development firing I recently set a goal to do at least one new and creative thing with him each day.  It sounded easy enough but it has proven a little tricky (especially with his kid sister subscribing to a policy of grab, eat and ask questions later).

I started small with coloring or painting or sensory play. Many creations still hang on the fridge and one was even used a as wrapping paper for grandma’s birthday present.  Just this month we (ignored the age recommendations and) started building with my childhood favorite, Legos.  So happy to report that the love of those colorful little bricks has been passed on!  What’s better than watching your little one build his first submarine, which he appropriately dubs, “Submariney?”  Just this week I decided it was time to get a little messier and a little more creative because there’s only so much refrigerator real estate.  Below are a few that I am hoping to try, what are some of your favorites?

Creative Examples

1. String eggs

2. Soap clouds

3. Tissue paper “painting”

4. Paper beads

Click here for an article I found both helpful and inspirational from Kiwi Crate: 10 Simple Ways to Raise Creative Kids.

Photo Creative Inspiration: Lego Creative Tower, Luca and Company FunPit, Magna-Tiles, Marker Set

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