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Madii Dylan products are designed to meet the organic needs of today’s conscious parents and their tots. When Australian mother of two, Jackie was unable to find products that met the sensitive needs of her children, she decided to create her own.

“My daughters’ skin would react to most of the baby creams and washes available on the market and once irritated, wetting and washing her would further dry out her skin. It was unsettling for her and very uncomforting for me to see.” Founder of Madii & Dylan

Solution: The Luxe Cleansing Flannel. Made from eco friendly materials, the Cleansing Flannel is silky soft, highly absorbent and made for use on delicate areas. It is ideal for use on sensitive skin conditions including eczema as it cleanses and dries without stripping moisture. It is so gentle that patients of cosmetic procedures can use directly on trauma areas to cleanse the skin without wetting the bandages, spoiling stitches or irritating bruised areas which are sore to touch.

“When my son was ready for his own pillow, I found that regular cotton pillows were a breeding ground for mites, buckwheat too uncomfortable and dusty, feathers had no shape and were support-less and memory foam made from harsh chemicals. Considering children spend half their time sleeping, I wanted something hypoallergenic, natural and most importantly provided the support that growing children need.” Founder of Madii & Dylan

After months of research the Latex Pillow Collection was born. This collection is Australia’s first natural and sustainable range of children’s pillows. The innovative design caters for the child by providing proper neck support and spine alignment, while the micro-ventilating cores provide maximum air flow preventing moisture and heat build-up. Made from 100% pure latex, they are naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew, bacteria and are ideal for allergy sufferers. The resilient design also means the pillows can be washed and still retain their softness and shape for years

luxe cleansing flannel

Measures: 9 in x 9 in (23×23 cms)
Super-soft when wet, its silky texture and high absorbency is perfect on delicate areas. It cleans without wetting or scratching fragile skin and dries without stripping moisture. Safe on babies’ peeling skin or soft skull, it is ideal for eczema, cradle cap and other problem skin conditions. Works hand in hand with cosmetic treatments as it cleanses the skin without wetting the bandages or spoiling the bruised areas which are sore to touch. Made from eco-friendly materials, the flannel is air-spun and porous free.

newborn nod booster

SOOKII BABE Newborn Nod Booster
For day time head support | 3 months + | Measures: 12 in x10 in (30×21 cms)
Especially for newborns and infants, our unique cradle design prevents roll-overs and flat-heads while the contoursnaturally conform to the child’s head providing correct neck support and spine alignment. Self-ventilating coresprovide maximum air flow, preventing moisture and heat build-up allowing the child to breathe freely in any sleepposition. Ideal for those with allergies, it is the only pillow that can be washed and keep its shape: Lasts for 5yrs+.

toddlers comfort pillow

TEENII TOT Toddlers Comfort Pillow
For first time pillow users | 18 months + | Measures: 16in x 10in (42×25 cms)
Made for toddlers and walkers, our distinctive wave design conforms to the child’s head offering proper neck supportand spine alignment. Self-ventilating cores provide maximum air flow, keeping the child cool and comfortable.Perfect for allergy sufferers, it is the only pillow that can be washed and never change its shape: Lasts for 5yrs+.