The FunPod

The FunPod

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The FunPod kitchen helper was created by a mother in the UK. The parents enjoyed spending time in the kitchen. The designer/parent Kim wanted her daughter to participate in cooking activities safety and she needed the freedom to move about the kitchen without a child on her hip.

Heralded as socially responsible by a leading obesity expert in the UK, the FunPod encourages children to learn all about the whole food experience and can encourage parent and child bonding with quality time spent preparing meals. Children form their habits and opinions between the ages of one and four so this is an essential time to be giving them a healthy food education.

Grey FunpodThere are 5 settings accommodating the average height of a 12 month baby up to a toddler of 6 so at whatever level, the top of the FunPod™ is always at chest height for safety reasons.
Manufactured in a durable, high quality FSC MDF (recycled material), selected for high durability. Product exterior is non-toxic commercial laminate chosen for water resistance and easy of cleaning.

The FunPod is available in five colours:
Natural Maple with natural edging FP02-1
Red with natural edging FP02-2
Black with natural edging FP02-3
White with natural edging FP02-4
NEW-Grey with natural edging FP02-6

Delivered flat-packed, it comes in 7 easy to assemble pieces.

*The child must be able to stand unaided in order to use the FunPod™ safely. It is important that the child’s chest is in line with the top of the FunPod™ for safety. Adjust the level accordingly.

What are the dimensions of the FunPod?
The FunPod is 13.78 inches, however the footplate is slightly bigger at 20.47 inches; the footplate is however scalloped so it looks more aesthetically pleasing and is more stable!

How tall is the FunPod?
The FunPod is 33.86 inches tall fitting just underneath the lip of the counter.

How heavy is the FunPod?
31 pounds

Comments from Parents using the award-winning FunPod:

“Getting kids involved in cooking is so important for inspiring them to become great eaters, but so is their safety while doing it. FunPod’s takes away the worry and let you focus on the fun!”

Catherine McCord Founder of

“When I asked my daughter what my grandson, Bobby (18 months), wanted for a Christmas gift, she gave me two choices. One of them was the FunPod. Honestly, I wasn’t too excited about it, but bought it.

In January when my granddaughter was born, I lived with them and helped take care of Bobby. I had first-hand experience using the FunPod. It’s fabulous. Bobby would stand it at the counter when I cooked, he washed his hands, he had a snack, he pretended to cook, he played in water, he painted, he made a mess, etc. It was a great way to entertain him while keeping him safe and within my sight. I’ve recommended and will continue to recommend the FunPod to my grandmother friends and young couples with small children.

In fact, I liked it so much I immediately bought another FunPod for myself in a different color. This company has wonderful customer service. When my second FunPod had a defect in the foot plate, the representative bent over backwards to get it fixed and immediately sent a new part.

My newest grandchild was born on May 2. I will order my third FunPod as soon as he in standing.”

Grandma Connie, Houston TX

“Living in a small California bungalow, I love my Fun Pod. The smaller footprint doesn’t overwhelm my kitchen or take up too much space. The solid four wall construction makes it super safe. My daughter has enjoyed helping in the kitchen since she was 18 months old and I never worried about her tumbling out of it. As she got older, she quickly learned to safely climb into it on her own. The simple, modern design looks great, too!”

Shannon Parry, Santa Monica, CA

This product, while pricey, is well worth it! My almost 2-year old LOVES it. We have it next to the counter in the kitchen and she helps prepare dinner with us every night. It is great so that she can see what is going on while helping and it keeps her contained while we’re cooking. She even asks to stand at the counter and eat in it.

I had been thinking about buying other ones like this but ordered it immediately after seeing it was completely enclosed on all sides.

I’d recommend it to anyone who has a toddler who loves to see what is going on in the kitchen and “help”.

Craig Nath, review

Cleaning and Care

We know you have enough to do so we’ve made cleaning as easy as we possibly can. The FunPod has a hole in the bottom for all the mess to drop through and it can be wiped clean with a cloth and warm soapy water.

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$190.00 Buy Now